Classic Spoon


Introducing the Edible Classic Spoon – a delectable fusion of sustainability and taste. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, this innovative cutlery not only enhances your culinary experience but also reduces waste. Enjoy guilt-free dining with this scrumptious, eco-conscious spoon, designed to complement any meal while leaving no trace behind. Elevate your dining adventure and indulge in the perfect blend of flavour and responsibility with our Edible Classic Spoon.

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Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, Salt.

Dietary Consideration: Allergens: Contains Gluten

Versatile: Edible Spoons are the perfect companion for any savoury dish. Whether you’re savouring a comforting bowl of soup or indulging in a delectable pasta. They bring a dash of creativity and elegance to your dining experience, transforming each meal into a delightful exploration of flavours and textures.

Shelf-Life: Best before 12 months

Nutrition Facts: 

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 75 × 55 cm

Pack of 100

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